Choose the Most Popular Web Hosting in Kenya

When looking for a host that guarantees optimal website speed and functionality, DB Innovative Tech often comes to mind for many web developers in Kenya. It offers features that make it one of the most popular website hosting services in Kenya. Comprehensive safety features like protection against DDoS, firewalls plus dependable technical support, e-commerce capabilities, and SEO optimization just to name but a few. Email hosting and daily automatic backups are other advantages that await you making our service a top choice for any business or even individual persons.

Selecting the best platform for your website can be difficult, though, because there are so many web hosting providers available. Factors like cost, bandwidth, and uptime rates all come to mind. Continue reading to find out more about the hosting solutions and features that we have tailored just for you.

Robust Shared Web Hosting

The most common and affordable choice for web domain hosting is shared hosting. Shared hosting reduces costs by allowing several websites to share resources on a single server. Small to medium-sized websites with moderate traffic might find it to be a good fit.

Shared hosting offers a cost-effective and convenient way for people or small enterprises to host their domains online.

Managed WordPress Hosting

We offer a particular kind of web hosting created especially for WordPress websites. It provides several advantages for web domains, including improved security features, streamlined WordPress site performance, and automated updates and backups. When you choose managed WordPress hosting, DB Innovative Tech takes care of all the technical maintenance and security patching, so you don’t have to.

This frees you up to concentrate more on writing and maintaining the content for your website.

Furthermore, professional support from specialists who are informed about the platform is typically included with managed WordPress hosting, offering help anytime you need it.


When your web pages are unavailable or malfunctioning, it’s referred to as website downtime. This can have a detrimental effect on user experience and the image of your business. Our hosting boasts of 99.9% uptime guarantee and your website will always be operational 24/7 all year round.


Another crucial component of website hosting is speed since half of users will leave pages that take more than six seconds to load. We use the latest hosting technologies such as using NVMe disks to ensure unparalleled performance and load times.

Unlimited Bandwidth

All our hosting packages have unlimited bandwidth allowing users to send and receive as much data as they require. As a website owner, you are free to handle enormous traffic without worrying about exceeding data transfer caps. It guarantees that your websites stay available without imposing additional fees based on the amount of data transferred.

To see a detailed list of every single feature you get when you choose us, visit our hosting page.